A lifelong equestrian and graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, Annie Connolly is no stranger to horses or a sewing machine. Her senior portfolio focused on handbags and both canine and personal accessories.

Upon graduation, Annie went on to ride and groom, and also hold positions in several different industries, showing intermittently over the years. She worked in motorsports, equestrian retail + sponsorship and finally, spent many years in marketing + partnerships at a global sports property.

After a few years hiatus from the show ring, Annie found herself with a young horse and again fully immersed in the horse show world. It was around then that she also realized a need to create and get back to using the technical skills she had picked up many years prior. 

Enter, ACE Equestrian. 



Our mission is pretty simple. We make products that we like.

When we love something, we want to wear or use it all the time. Everything that we send out the door is of the highest quality materials, and our products are designed to last. Not only do we like beautiful things, but we like durable, well made products just as much, and we'd guess you do too.